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Doggy and Kitty Newborn Session {Midland & Odessa, TX – Newborn Photographer}

I was inspired by a doggy newborn session I had seen done for fun by another photographer last year.  If you know me, you know I love my doggy!  Trained or not, I didn’t think he would be as willing of a participant as the other dog was and fall asleep in a wrap on the bed for me, but figured I would still give it a shot.  I was right, he was stressed, confused but wanting to please, so he still listened to me when I told him to “down” and stay”.  I was able to get a few good shots before I decided he had had enough, including a “sibling” shot with my youngest daughter 🙂

I couldn’t leave the kitten out, so she got one of her own.  She is pretty playful so the cute bonnet I tried on her was a no go!  And there would have been no way she would have tolerated a cute headband, so it was a pink wrap )which she did still try and attack) and a doll basket.  She loves baskets!  Once again, I couldn’t forget the “sibling” shot!

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Country Chic Wedding {Midland & Odessa, TX – Wedding Photographer}

Had a gorgeous and fun country chic wedding at Ranchland Hills Country Club a few weeks ago! It was a lovely day and everything turned out perfect, including the weather. Complete with colorful sunset! I hope A & M Have a happy marriage for years to come!

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Krystle - We couldn’t have asked for a better photographer. Thanks for your time & patience. Look forward to seeing the rest of the photos. The pictures we have seen so far are great.

Family in Jackson Hole {Midland & Odessa, Family Photographer}

Finally got around to taking my own family pictures.  It’s much harder to be in them than behind the lens!  However, we had a vacation to Jackson Hole, WY, it was a must.  I set the camera settings and gave a friend we were staying with instructions on how to focus my camera.  I love the way they turned out!  So pretty with the mountains.


midland tx family photographerIMG_5370-watermarkIMG_5426-watermarkIMG_5542-watermarkIMG_5574-watermark

Pageant Princess {Midland & Odessa, TX Photographer}

This little girl was just a doll!  She was all smiles and so happy.  Her mommy brought along her special teddy bear.  Its special because it has her heartbeat recorded from one of her ultrasounds.  To say she loved that bear was an understatement.  Anytime she was starting to get fussy, all we had to do was pull out the bear and she was happy again!

She is also going to be in her first pageant!  Look at that face, she is sure to win most photogenic for sure 🙂

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Hi Ho Cowboy! {Midland & Odessa TX Photographer}

I had a wonderful time with this little guy and his mom!  We enjoyed a stroll to the pond where he found a mallard duck looking for a handout, played with some roly poly bugs, than popped a few bubbles from the bubble machine.  All while hanging onto his Daddy’s cowboy hat.  He adored that hat!  (and looked pretty darn cute in it, too!)  Most kids are shy with me at first, not this guy, he was actually asking me to follow him!  Such a little personality 🙂

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Purple Flowers and Rainbows {Midland and Odessa, TX – Child Photographer}

I found a gorgeous flower field to use for part of this session. I LOVE that field and the flowers complimented my vision and this little girls outfit perfectly! Who doesn’t love playing in a field of wildflowers?! On the way to our next location, we found a caterpillar. The little girl just had to stop and play with it, providing the perfect picture opportunity and one of my favorite images from the session! After wards it was off to a nearby field where she spotted a rainbow! Wow, the luck! Sometimes nature just hands you beauty and you just have to run with it.

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