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Pugs and Pups {New Orleans – Fine Art Children’s Photographer}

Mom and I planned an urban feel to this session, complete with jeans, a graphic tee and a sport jacket. It was just a coincidence that his mom brought their pup to the session as well. Once I saw her, I just had to use her. She was too good to pass up with him wearing a Pug shirt!

In between shots, he was a character and enjoyed laughing or busting out his own pose. The dancing shot was originally in the scrap pile but I loved it too much, so I asked mom what his favorite animal was. “Boogie Nights” was born!

Midland tx fine art childrens photographerMidland tx fine art childrens photographerodessa tx fine art childrens photographerodessa tx fine art childrens photographermidand tx imagination session

Fireflys About {NOLA Photographer – Fine Art Chidren’s Photographer}

I had the pleasure of photographing this dapper young man. His mom picked out a vintage inspired seersucker suit with complimenting suspenders and a pink bow-tie. He was so excited to have his pictures taken, and enjoyed looking a few images I showed him o the back of the camera. At one point he asked if his pictures could be hung in his house, I referred him to his mom, but he is a boy of my heart! That’s right, it’s important to have prints hanging in your home and to pass down to future generations!

At the end of the session, I handed him a glass jar and asked him to pretend to catch lightening bugs, not thinking they don’t live around here!  Ooops.  His parents and I had to show him what to do.  He did a fantastic job!

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Easter Lamb {Covington la – Fine Art Children’s Portrait Photographer}

This will most likely be the last year my youngest will fit into the Easter Jacket my grandma sewed for me when I was their age. I wanted to do something pretty and fun with it. I took her out for a sunset session in her sisters white dress and the Easter Jacket, using my doggy as a stand in lamb to get the perfect natural pose from her. The first 3 images were ones I loved as is, the last one, was my vision, “The Easter Lamb”.

odessa tx fine art childrens photographymidland tx fine art childrens photographyodessa tx fine art childrens photographymidland tx fine art childrens photography

Fanta-Sea Mermaids {Louisiana Fine Art Children’s Portrait Photography and Composite Photography)

When your daughter asks to be a mermaid with a castle full of mermaids and a turtle, you oblige.  Ariel even made a cameo, hanging out under the arch and behind the bush.



stock art from:


Sealife and seaplants:







Serengeti Safari {Composite Photographer}

I was out working on a special project with my youngest daughter and my older daughter wanted to be involved as well. I asked her what her favorite zoo animal was. Her answer, a giraffe! The west Texas landscape, with the addition of a tree, created the perfect “Serengeti Safari” backdrop for this creation!

midland tx fine art childrens portrait  photography

Tree compliments of
Giraffe compliments of

Unicorns! {Houma La – Fine Art Photographer}

I asked my daughter what her fantasy was. Her response was a unicorn. She wanted to see herself riding a unicorn. After searching stock images, I finally had my vision complete! Winter wonderland fantasy! She loves it and so do I 🙂

midland odessa tx fine art photographer

background from
horse from
wolf from

Here Fishy {Thibodeaux La Photographer}

I took this image this past fall during one of my Couture Kids Sessions. I had always thought it needed something, she had to be reaching towards something fun and exciting. I was finally able to sit down and play with the image! A giant goldfish has come up to say hello.

midland tx odessa tx photographer

Fish courtesy of BlueLife

Blizzard Goliath {Slidell La – Child Photographer)

The West Texas Blizzard Goliath finally hit. 6 hours after predicted. Of course my kids had to go out and play in the snow. I fashioned a baggie over my camera so it could come out to play too! The snow was coming down so thick, the white fur of my dog blended right into the snowy background.  I think we will be staying at home for a few days!

After we came back inside the girls wanted to sip hot cocoa while snuggling by the fire <3.

odessa tx photographerodessa tx photographermidland tx photographermidland tx photographer

Product Spotlight ~ Metal Print {New Orleans Portrait Photographer}

odessa tx photography

I was looking to add one additional print product to my line-up.  Prints and canvases are traditional, and I needed something a bit edgier.  These metal prints were just the item!  They add such a pretty pop to the colors in the prints, really bringing them to life.


These metal prints can be ordered in a variety of sizes, including all the traditional print sizes.  The difference is, these come ready to display with your choice of options, including a metal stand for desk display or a foam bloc or metal stand out posts for wall display.  Each offers a unique way to display these gorgeous prints!

Be sure to ask about them during your next session!  They are sure to be a statement piece you will want to add to your print collection.