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Vacation {Algiers Point Photographer }

Last month we had a wonderful trip to Jackson Hole, Teton National Park and Yellowstone. That area is one of my favorite places in the US to visit. If you have not been able to see the wonders of Yellowstone or the majestic Teton mountain range, I highly recommend you go for a visit. You certainly will not be disappointed!

We are fortunate and have some friends that live up there, that we can stay with and who so graciously take all of us fly fishing. This year we were able to visit with my sister who was camping in Yellowstone. She was able to show us where the best bear and wolf watching pull outs were located and we were able to see both! It was an exciting trip, that’s for sure!

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Reed & Ivy Pinafore Back to School Session {Thibodeaux La Photographer}

I had the pleasure of photographing a new release dress from Reed & Ivy for my daughters back to school sessions.  Each year I try something new, this year was no exception.  These adorable, vintage inspired pinafores were just what I needed.  The velveteen rabbit is my favorite book, one which I just recently read to the girls.  These dresses reminded me of that time period so adding in Big Bunny and Fuzzy Bunny were the perfect addition to complete the look.

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Summer Love {Slidell La Photographer}

Took mt girls out for a quick location scouting session and here was the end result! I am in LOVE! To show a little of what I do, there is a before and after of the bunny shot as well.

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Vicky - Wow gorgeous!

Ashley Izquierdo - Beautiful set! Love these colors…
And the horse!

Mia - Oh how gorgeous are these?! So ethereal and magical, especially with that horse! Love!

Heather - What a great little model you have to help you scout new locations! These images are just beautiful!

Face Painting Fun {Mandeville La Photographer ~ Fine Art Children’s Portraits}

We went to a local event called Touch a Truck, where the kids got to climb into different types of vehicles. At the event, they had face painting. We waited in line for 45 minutes, but it was worth the wait! Their faced turned out fantastic. So much that my first thought was to put them in pretty dresses, ignore the mid-day sun, ad get some gorgeous images of them with their face paint.

I happened to have an old bouquet from another project that matched the color of the flowers perfectly. Pair that with a Dollcake mint dress from my dress closet, and it created the perfect set up for my youngest.

My older daughter had to have a rainbow cat, which happened to match a pretty blue dress she had. Pair it with a rainbow headband my youngest daughter was given for her birthday, and I had the purr-fect cat set up! As she was looking through the images, before I edited any of them, she saw the “fierce” cat look and exclaimed “Oh! It’s perfect”. I had to edit that one special for her!

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Vintage Classic {Terrebonne Parish La – Fine Art Children’s Photographer}

Absolutely loved the outfit mom picked out for her young man. I adore the vintage newsboy look, complete with hat, suspenders and bow tie. I went with more classic poses for his session and when he picked up a stick and pretended to “fish”, I decided to enhance our little creek and add a line and fish to create a classic little boy fishing image.

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cheri - Oh my goodness how cute! I love the vintage style and your photos are beautiful.

Payal Patel - I love the lighting in these photos! Such a sweet photoshoot.

Mia - These are so beautiful and what a gorgeous young man!

Wildflower {Algiers Point La – Fine Art Children’s Photographer}

The wildflowers are in bloom, creating the perfect backdrop for this beauties 5 year old session.  Pared with a Cozette Couture dress and a silver lace crown from Olive and Egglant, she makes a stunning beauty, wise beyond her years, yet full of childhood spunk!  To add some spring fun, we added a gorgeous dried butterfly.  Who doesn’t love wildflowers and butterflies!  With a spring birthday, both represent new life and rebirth.  Not to mention she was a trooper, dealing with a few bumblebees and flies, but it made for a good life lesson.  If you leave the bees alone, they will leave you alone.

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Peter - These are beautiful Dawn

Pugs and Pups {New Orleans – Fine Art Children’s Photographer}

Mom and I planned an urban feel to this session, complete with jeans, a graphic tee and a sport jacket. It was just a coincidence that his mom brought their pup to the session as well. Once I saw her, I just had to use her. She was too good to pass up with him wearing a Pug shirt!

In between shots, he was a character and enjoyed laughing or busting out his own pose. The dancing shot was originally in the scrap pile but I loved it too much, so I asked mom what his favorite animal was. “Boogie Nights” was born!

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Fireflys About {NOLA Photographer – Fine Art Chidren’s Photographer}

I had the pleasure of photographing this dapper young man. His mom picked out a vintage inspired seersucker suit with complimenting suspenders and a pink bow-tie. He was so excited to have his pictures taken, and enjoyed looking a few images I showed him o the back of the camera. At one point he asked if his pictures could be hung in his house, I referred him to his mom, but he is a boy of my heart! That’s right, it’s important to have prints hanging in your home and to pass down to future generations!

At the end of the session, I handed him a glass jar and asked him to pretend to catch lightening bugs, not thinking they don’t live around here!  Ooops.  His parents and I had to show him what to do.  He did a fantastic job!

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