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Sunset Shimmer {Fine art Family Session – NOLA: taken in MidlandTX}

Introducing Fine Art Family sessions! I will meet with you prior to your session to discuss outfit options. Mom was decked out in her wedding dress (after 2 kids, she was rocking it!). Her daughter was in a dress from my prop closet, while her son was in a classic neutral button down and slacks. Her husband was adorned in a suit and coordinating shirt and tie.  Both mom and her daughter accessorized with pearls!  Their outfits complimented the sunset perfectly!

What would your perfect styled session be?  Formal?  Classic?  Urban?

miflanf tx family portraitsodessa tx family photographermidland tx family photographerodessa tx family portraits

Styled Fine Art Family Model Call {Styled portraits – Thibodaux and Houoma Photographer: taken in Midlnad, TX}

If you are interested in applying for this model call, please submit your application HERE.


midland odessa tx photogapherI am looking for a few families to use as models!  This fine art family session model call is styled by the photographer. All wardrobe choices must be pre approved. Photographer will provide a variety of girls dresses and hair accessories available for use if sizing fits. Photographer will provide suggestions for other wardrobe needs. Model will need to verify outfit options with the photographer and may be required to purchase or rent clothing specific to the session style.

Becoming Real {Photo Art Composite Photographer}



The Velveteen Rabbit was one of my favorite books as a child.  It has remained one of my favorite childhood book into adulthood.  I title this piece of artwork, “Becoming Real”.  This bunny will soon be joining his real friends in the woods, thanks to the fairy.

Snowflake Frisbee {Photo Art Composite Photographer}

I have been taking part in challenges on a photography art composite Facebook page. This challenge happened to be snowflakes. I wanted to do something fun, and thought about what a snowflake looked resembled. A disk. What is disk shape? A Frisbee!!! I love dogs, so a dog catching a snowflake Frisbee was born!

composite photographyPhoto art

The Polar Express {Composite Photo Art – Meterie and New Orleans Photographer}

My version of the Polar Express. I was entering a last minute “polar bear” themed photo contest, and didn’t have time to take a new image, so pulled this snap shot I took with my point and shoot camera while visiting family 2 years ago. Take an ordinary photograph and make it extraordinary! If you are interested in commissioning your own piece of art for your own child, visit my SHOP, under the pricing tab!

commissioned photoraphy artphoto art