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I offer Basic DSLR classes twice a year, typically in April and October as well as private classes year round! Send me a message via my Contact Me page, to be notified when the next class is scheduled.


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I offer private Advanced DSLR classes.  These classes are scheduled at your convenience and are $175 per class.  Class typically last around 2 hours.   This class expands on the Basic DSLR class.  You will learn about file formats, focus modes, light metering and more!  Please send me an email using the “Contact Me” Tab to schedule your class.







Wendy Grimaldo - Hi please notified me when your next classes are thanks

hesselphotography - Will do! Last year the class was in March or April when it warmed up a bit and we could practice outside.

Nikki Underwood - Do you still have spots open for your April 25th class? Thanks so much!

hesselphotography - Nikki, I do have spaces available. I sent you an email. If you don’t receive it, please let me know!

Andrea Swinney - When is the next photography class?

hesselphotography - Andrea, Thanks for your inquiry. My next class is THIS Sat, April 25th from 9:30am to noon. If you would like to sign up, please submit a registration form which is linked under the “Photo Classes” tab or send and email to hesselphotography @ yahoo. com

Allison Traylor - i missed the September class when will your next class be

Linda - Please notify me when you have your next class. Thanks

hesselphotography - I will certainly let you know when I get the next class scheduled!

Mayra - I am interested in your classes. Please notify me when you have your schedule set.


Amanda Gladish - I am highly interested in attending your basic DSLR workshop on learning more about our own camera & how to use it. Do you ever do private lesson, I ask because my family & I just planned a trip to Germany middle of next month. I have a canon rebel t5i (I believe T5I but it maybe a T5) that I would really like to take with us so we can take pictures of our trip & I would like to have more knowledge about using the camera (more than just on the auto setting).

Thank you,

Annie - I am interested in attending your class in April, please send me more info

hesselphotography - Annie, Thanks for your interest in my class. I will send you an email. Thank you

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