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There are two main types of newborn photography, posed and lifestyle.  Everybody recognizes the cute little curled up images of the posed newborn session.  The lesser known, lifestyle newborn portraits, are just as beautiful and gaining in popularity!



Lifestyle sessions take place in the comfort of your own home and are much more relaxed and natural than posed sessions.  These sessions tend to be much more intimate and tell a story of your babies first weeks, making wonderful storyboard wall hangings and newborn albums!  It shows your newborn how you see them everyday and allows for more interactions from parents, siblings and pets.  Unlike with posed sessions, your newborn does not have to be sleepy to capture stunning images and therefore the 2 weeks age requirements for posed sessions is not as important; however should still be completed with in the 4-6 weeks of newborn photographer



Posed newborn session are just that, they are posed.  While they are adorable, they are not natural and often require your newborn to be sleepy (which I often find stresses mom out!).  Because of the need for sleepy, flexible babies for these sessions, they need to be held with in the first 2 weeks of life.  Posed sessions do allow for a more artistic look and create lovely art to hang on your wall.


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Fresh 48 sessions are held in your hospital room or place of birth, before being discharged.  Due to the time constraint of your short hospital stay, it is very important for these sessions to be scheduled prior to delivery, which allows for me to be on-call around your delivery time.  Fresh 48 sessions capture the newness of your newborn, right after they are born and before they enter into the mainstream of everyday life.  There is something special about a 1 or 2 day old newborn that a typical newborn session cannot capture!


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